Sunday, November 25, 2012

How many hours a day I will discuss with my chair

It is important to choose your office chair on the frequency of use. In fact, you will not have the same place in your office. Home for occasional use
The choice of chair mechanism will be different. Below is a scale used to provide a suitable mechanism can judge chair:


Limited Frequency: Tilt

2.1 hours (s) per day.

Simultaneous tilting mechanism of the seat and the backrest forwards and backwards in the body remaining fully supported.

Permanent contact mechanism

Average frequency of use: permanent contact

2.5 hours

Mechanism can be provided for the back support in the file: continuously monitoring the movements of the back.


Asynchronous mechanism

Average frequency of use: asynchronous mechanism

2.5 hours

Mechanism for individual adjustment of the seat and back with two different drivers as opposed to an adaptation synchronized mechanism with a lever, the seat and backrest coordinated.

Synchronous mechanism

Professional Frequency: synchronous mechanism / synchronization luxury

More than five hours per day:

Mechanism provide the body with optimum contact area in the seat in any position by the synchronized movement of the seat and backrest.

For use in a workstation, select an office chair with armrests and headrest positions that allow relaxation.


Professional Frequency: axis tilt mechanism

More than five hours per day:

Equivalent synchronous mechanism is the main axis tilt chairs in leather chairs. Synchronous mechanism different but, equally effective, enjoy an ergonomic tilt. In fact, the switching point in the front part of the seat, and not in the middle of a typical seat.

Therefore, the change is made in the knee flex ion of course, not in the middle of the thigh. The change will be for the body and ergonomically fits your body by not cutting the blood circulation in the legs.

Choose your seat according to their specific morphology and their locations:

Choosing an office chair to your body:

Office chairs for children

The morphology of the child is entirely different from that of an adult. It is important to have an office chair that fits your body to choose.

Some tips to avoid errors or to help you. The right office chair for your child

To get started, choose a seat that your child likes. We know that a child will be easier if your office is the office chair because of his cartoon "Cars Win".

It is also important to choose a chair with an adjustable backrest. Growth phase, your child will continue to grow. The choice of an office chair without adjustable backrest, you must buy every year because a new ergonomic office chair. Be frugal and do not hesitate to pay a few dollars more for an adjustable backrest.

Chairs for heavy people:

Worse than chairs that break after a few months of use?

The official standard office chairs classic set of 90-100 kg.

Exceeding this weight class, it is advisable to choose a seat for strong people for the following reasons.

All mechanisms chair strengthened. To resist such arms, swings or base even more pressure. The dimensions of the seat to be adjusted to the user. You can see a large sitting area, for example, higher than typical office chair.

Finally, if you are not convinced that we will. Guaranteed for 10 years on some models of office chair for heavy people

Sitting knee

To prevent certain diseases contact again with a folder. The seats sit knees are perfect. So if you choose a backless seat, his back will not suffer too much pressure. In addition to its ergonomic seat asked to turn right. We also recommend that you look at the satellite guards often advised to avoid pain in the legs while sitting for long periods.

Ergonomic Accessories

If you regularly back pain, lumbar support is essential for a suitable base.
If you have some tired legs at the end of the day, use a footrest

Adjust the seat to its environment?

Adjust the seat fits your office environment.

Win Box:

He's here to offer his work to a comfortable working chair and reasonable.

During office chair to sit down and be uncomfortable stool, reflected field, to combine the benefits of each eliminating the disadvantages.

Therefore, the chair allow a box sitting on top as you. A comfortable ergonomic seat and mechanism

If you do not renew your hardware, you can choose kit that allows you to design to meet the lower price at your place.

Mat protects soil

Do not sacrifice. Your floor for an office chair Prevent direct contact with carpet protector of the wheels on the ground. Therefore, sliding track.

Alter colors

Its flavor is also an important part of the decision to buy an office chair.

He decides not an office chair with a color or pattern match search. With a duration of up to 10 years warranty for specific sites and thus even higher life, not take the risk of getting bored.

Also do not forget to bring your office chair with the colors already in the room, furniture, wallpaper, etc ...