Monday, January 2, 2012

wheelchair for overweight peoples

If you need a power wheelchair for someone who is overweight consumer after the word "difficult" can help look into the model or description. Heavy electric wheelchairs, people who are overweight or large, up to 500 pounds. The bad news is that the heavy models are more expensive than standard models. The price increases slightly, especially if not enough high-strength standard models.

Heavy electric wheelchairs must all have the same design features of a normal chair, but must be strengthened. Part, an ax, chassis, wheels, motor and battery, all must be strengthened. It is important for overweight consumers only with manufacturers of electric wheelchairs work as a high-quality low-end product is not strong enough, or will fail very quickly. The most common error is large in a wheelchair with the power of the engine. The engine in a wheelchair can work under strong pressure, since a large part of the additional weight of the person and the wheelchair is far more than the failure more frequently than standard chairs.

Option # 1 high for wheelchair strength of the transmission line is jazzy. Severe Jazzy has two options - the Jazzy 614HD for people up to 450 pounds and the Jazzy 1170 XL Plus Power for people up to £ 500. Jazzy line of Pride Mobility is the manufacturer, the seven lines is independent wheelchair so he can use a wheelchair adapted to the needs of individual users provide. Invacare Pronto M94 is the alternative, the rated for up to 500 pounds as well. Invacare was the manufacture of medical products since 1885 and enjoys an impeccable reputation in the mobile industry

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